“Let’s keep to the facts, please.”

When things get emotional at work, people quickly feel overwhelmed. Because their professional training hasn’t prepared them for such things, they prefer to withdraw to the purely factual level. But that doesn’t work. Wherever people interact, feelings are involved. The key to success lies not just in professional expertise but above all in being able to handle emotions with confidence – both your own and the other person’s.


Empathic and confident interaction is needed wherever different interests clash: staff management, team-building, sales, customer retention, change management, field service, negotiations, conflict resolution, the introduction of new technology, cooperation between different departments, continuous improvement processes, generation shift within a company, business takeovers and mergers. It opens the door to the other person, creates common ground where there is a risk of positions becoming entrenched and produces long-term improvement in (working) relationships.


Whether through individual coaching, workshops, group training or interactive presentations, we can help you learn to use empathic and confident interaction. The results will surpass your expectations. It’s better than possible.